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What's wrong with my YouTube Channel?

Succeeding on YouTube is hard.

The YouTube algorithm constantly changes and more people than ever before are uploading videos making it harder and harder to stand out.

I am sure you have asked yourself these questions: 

  • How are some crappy videos getting thousands of views? 
  • Why are some channels blowing up while you are struggling to get subscribers?  
  • How the hell have channels who only recently started have already overtaken me?

As a Social Media Strategist, I have worked with some of the world's largest brands in South Africa, the UK, and the USA, so I have heard these same questions repeatedly...and on three different continents!  

The ANSWERS are down below...

How do you rank on the Channel Score Card?

There is no secret - a channel's foundation either sets it up for failure or success.

If your channel's foundation is shaky it is very difficult to grow an audience and attract more views and subscribers.

We analyzed some of the top channels across various industries and niches, and realized that they all have the same common elements which set them up for growth. These aren't "secret elements" or dodgy "sub-for-sub" schemes. These are elements that every YouTube guru have been telling us for years such as thumbnails, tags, trailer etc.

Does YOUR channel have all these elements?

When we consult to our clients, we need a quick method to identify the elements that require immediate change to make an immediate impact.

In order not to waste time, we devised a Channel Score Card system that allows our team to instantly focus on the elements that aren't working.

We realize that having this information could be extremely useful to other YouTube creators, so we adapted the system to analyze individual channels as part of our Channel Review Offering

What Exactly Is On Offer?

We have the following intro-packages available

Option 1: Mini Channel Review

This will be a mini video review of your channel.  

We try to cover as much as we can or offer quick feedback of anything that is glaringly obvious.

Option 2: Full Channel Review 

This will be 15-30 min video full review of your channel together with recommendations.

Using this info, you can start working on the elements we cover in the review to set your channel on the path for growth.

Option 3: 1-On-1 Channel Review

This will be a one-on-one 45min Zoom or Skype video session where you and I go through your entire channel together. 

You can ask questions about specific elements, we can look at examples, go through your analytics, and discuss any burning issues.

BONUS FREE SECOND CALL: You will also get a FREE second call to follow up and check on the changes you make.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: We can only take on a limited number of channel reviews per month as each review takes time to complete. Please only apply if you are serious about your channel and will take action. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't find any value in the Channel Revie, then you get your money back. No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

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Why Get A Channel Review?

The average YouTube viewer doesn't know you. 

They stumbled onto your video because it came up in a search result or because they saw it in their social media feed or a friend recommended it. 

Your mission is to ensure that they will watch your other videos and that they will want to subscribe to your channel. The reality is that not everyone does. 

Wouldn't it be valuable to know WHY your channel isn't enticing so you can fix that?

That is what a YouTube Channel Reviewer does; provides fresh-eyes feedback allowing you to understand what the average YouTube viewer can see so you can act.

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for shepherding us through the myriad of potential land mines. You took what is a very daunting task and broke it down for us in a way that made it all very doable! So thanks again for helping us to get to this point!" - Gary G, President, Fi****, USA  

"We recognized that we needed expert assistance with a new business initiative and project. I believe we avoided serious pitfalls and in turn saved thousands of Dollars and uncountable man-hours making our project a total success." - Hylton J, Independent Business Advisor and Consultant, USA  

"Liron set up my social media campaign and E-book delivery. I have also noticed new web traffic on my site coming from my potential customer base. Working with Liron is definitely leading the correct people to my site and product." - Scott S, President, h***, LLC.  

About Me

Liron Segev

“My name is Liron Segev. 

I am a Social Media Strategist and over the past 10 years I have been helping clients understand how to operate in this always-connected social-media world.

I help my client's tell their story in a way that connects and engages on the various platforms such as Blog posts, Tweets, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

As you can see from my clients below, I work with some of the world's largest brands. When I am not doing that I help fellow creators enrich their content and social media branding and presence."

— Liron Segev

Some of the awesome brands I work with: